5 Underrated Films You Must Watch

Below is a list of films you may or may not have watched that some people including myself have deemed them to be underrated but are equally watchable and brilliant.

1. Interstate 60 (2002)

600A majestic film that has to do with existence and our purpose in the world, you may recognize certain stars in this film including Gary Oldman playing the “genie” guidance role, A fascinating and thought provoking film that is recommended for repeat viewing, the music throughout accompanies the movie perfectly and the flow is also brilliant as well as inspiring, highly recommended.

2. The Party (1968)

the20partyOne of the funniest films ever made, hilarity ensues when Peter Sellers playing a famous Indian actor gets invited by accident to a lavish Hollywood party, the pace of the film is terrific and you cannot help but laugh at the limited but outstanding scenarios in one space, make the comedies of nowadays seem small in comparison to this film, and if there was a remake it wouldn’t come close, an extraordinarily funny feature.

3. Equilibrium (2002)

equilibrium-2Christian Bale stars in what is perhaps one of the most action filled and carefully planned films of all time. Kurt Wimmer’s film set in the distant future where all forms of feeling are illegal, Christian Bale who is a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system in absolutely spectacular fashion. The gunfight scenes are some of the greatest since “The Matrix”, one to see purely for the combat and “1984” style plot.

4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Basic CMYKAn ultra-cool mystery crime caper starring Val Kilmer & Robert Downey Jr in what I believe is the movie that helped relaunch his career, fantastically written by Shane Black who also directed and wrote the new Iron Man film, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a modern noir which brings mutually together a private eye, a struggling actress, and a thief imitating an actor. Smart as well as funny, it is an entertaining film purely to watch for the chemistry of Kilmer and Downey Jr as well as for the performances, slick, clever & well-acted.

5. What Dreams May Come (1998)

what-dreams-may-comeA deeply engrossing and vision of a film it tells the story of Robin Williams who dies in a car accident (shown in trailer) link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmZ-FuBThuQ

Not aware that he is dead his vision of the afterlife is that of his wife paintings, the film shows the undying bond between a man and his wife and how an individual envisions the afterlife. Extremely visionary to say the least, Robin Williams gives a great performance and the scenery depicted in the film is certainly not too bad either, a must watch.

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Man of Steel A short review

Below is a spoiler free review of Man of Steel, feel free to read as no major details have been included, enjoy.

With almost a couple of years after it was announced, Zack Snyder along with a colossal trio of names being Christopher Nolan as producer, Hans Zimmer as composer and David S. Goyer as the writer, all these people cultivated to bring a marvellous reboot on the screen.

Christopher-Nolan-and-Zack-Snyder-on-the-set-of-Man-of-Steel-2013-Movie-ImageSafe to say that Superman is DC’s most valuable asset along with Batman in terms of fame, watching this spectacle was hypnotic at times, Zack Snyder was faced with nearly a challenging task since this franchise has not been made right since the first two Superman films back in the seventies and eighties featuring the late great Christopher Reeve.

There are shades of Nolan in the flashback sequences as Nolan had done previously to most of his films, this allows for a descriptive and thorough overall outlook on what has made Kal-El the person he is today and the individual he will become in the future.

man-steel-movieThe film is extremely visual in terms of its detailed action sequences, there are a few scenes when you are in awe of what is shown on screen, and the 3D certainly helps, the plot flows quite well too, although slow at times it makes up for it for its monstrous fight scenes, with at the same time being quite clever too with how the characters use the environment around them to wreck ultimate destruction.

The actors on the screen portrayed their roles quite well and good chemistry was formed between them, the presence of Nolan & Snyder may have helped this result, Michael Shannon actor of “Boardwalk Empire” played as General Zod, which for me was the scene stealer, he was both terrifying and commanding, striking fear to those who dared opposed him.

man_of_steel_14Clark Kent’s parents played quite well with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, they showed his human side and helped Clark adapt to the planet around him, Russel Crowe as the biological father showed strength too when he sent his little boy to planet Earth and he well and truly knew that his little son would be Earth’s ultimate saviour one day. In a way both sets of parents gave Clark strength and belief to make him the man he would become.

Zack Snyder did a fine job with all the pressure he had to work with in making a fine 21st century reboot of Superman, with Nolan by his side, they have created a fantastic appetizer of what is yet to come by DC’s greatest ever superhero, we cannot wait for what’s in store and what the franchise will bring, if it is anything like its predecessor then we are in for a phenomenal exuberant feature,a superb action packed filled visual feast.

mos_glyph_hiresA full more detailed review of the film coming soon..

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