Alejandro González Iñárritu The Poet of Fluid Motion

A far while back I started a showcase on the 23 best film directors working in the industry today, in this article I will study the impact of of Oscar winner Alejandro González Iñárritu.
An immersive director with an exceptional portfolio of masterful work all with one characteristic in common, impact, an impact to astound, to dramatize to a substantial degree and shock with selected great camera work.



The director in question started out with two shorts before moving on to his first feature film and undoubtedly his greatest work ‘Amores Perros’.



Released in the year 2000 it told three intertwining stories about love, loss and dogs, but not in the way some people may think, Alejandro left the shock factor in for all to see, depicting some extremely graphic scenes that I cannot mention due to the spoiler of the film and its main plot, but within the film one substantial event causes the catastrophic drive that immerses all three prime characters, he explored how love could cause people to act in certain ways, this isn’t exactly a romantic comedy, it’s as harsh as a tragic drama can be, its reality, so distressing you may even forget you’re watching a film at all but witnessing an unrelenting feature which launched Alejandro in the limelight in his chosen continent of South America, the feature of real life.
Three years later came his first Hollywood feature film starring Sean Penn, Naomi Watts and Benicio Del Toro, ’21 Grams’ told the story of a fateful accident which brought together these three people. A prime feature of Inarritu is combining characters and using them very well to drive a plot of a film, the unique factor of this film is that it was shot purely from hand held cameras in chronological but the final cut itself is not even chronological, which perfectly displays the prowess of storytelling by the director. Not quite as shocking as his previous feature back in 2000 but still as distressing, which is a phenomenal characteristic of the creative, truly magnifying the pain of the actors on screen to produce an engrossing feature such as ’21 Grams’ the title itself is taken from the work of Dr. Duncan MacDougall in the early twentieth century, he measured several dying objects portraying that the soul weighed 21 grams. There is certainly soul in this feature of Alejandro’s and it is a must watch for anyone who has not seen it.



In 2006 ‘Babel’ was released, featuring notable cast members including Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and the award winning Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal. The film tells the story of a tragedy which has an impact on four different families. Inarritu manages yet again to connect the lives of people across four different continents which in this film include North and South America, Asia and the Middle East, what is in fact interesting about this film is how seamlessly strangers can connect through harsh circumstances, yet again reflecting reality as part of the directors art, that is the impression that this director gives and the results he produces in this film are superb, it is not certainly a weak film from him but one he could have elaborated more on, take nothing away from him, still masterful from the Mexican artist.


BABEL, Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Brad Pitt, on set, 2006. ©Paramount Classics

Just four years later came his first work focusing solely on one main protagonist, the film ‘Biutiful’ which starred Javier Bardem in what is perhaps one of his best ever roles since his Oscar winning one in ‘No Country for Old Men’ back in 2008.



Set in Barcelona it tells the story of Uxbal played by Bardem as he struggles to deal with his crumbling life around him, the more and more we delve into his character the scarier we see the spiral that is surrounding him and the effect it has on those around him. The film was also written by Inarritu so it gives him the extra emotion to truly amplify his importance both in dialogue spoken and camera work selected for true substantial effect, quite definitely worth a watch but can be very unsettling for those not used to the directors’ style.

Birdman’ followed next in 2014 which earned him his first Oscar and propelled him into the Hollywood limelight, the same effect it had on Alfonso Cuaron when he made ‘Gravity’.



To be honest it is not certainly his best work but it is a distinctive piece of work for the actors he chose to be in it, it’s quite unconventional to say the least following a Murphy’s Law-esque type of approach of anything that can go wrong does. I did enjoy this film in the sense its certainly the most comic one he has done, Alejandro may not be famous for this genre of film type as drama does exist in this film too with a hint of surrealism, his relationship with Michael Keaton worked very well, thrusting Keaton further and using his Batman background as groundwork for this film and an homage too. The relationship and chemistry of the actors on screen is brilliant also, using the theatre both front and back of house to drive the plot of the film along with the disastrous results that come from it.

Already a glowing portfolio Alejandro G Inarritu had one more name to cross of his list of having worked with, and who better than one of the greatest of his generation Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Revenant’.



Inarritu wanted to reflect a new reality, a new harsh truth on screen and its poetry that his films had made on the past, with this film he utilised that to its fullest every effect, putting not just the protagonist but the entire personnel who worked alongside him in this film through their paces and making them suffer but always with an extraordinary outcome in mind.

Working alongside a great cinematographer too in ‘Emmanuel Lubezki’, Inarittu showed us some spectacular scenery and natural lighting to fully immerse us in the novel of Hugh Glass and his vicious bear attack as well as his vengeance and survival. This is certainly one of his greatest efforts, unquestionably in his top three films, with this feature he managed to create an astonishing experience while draining the life out of DiCaprio, it was brutal, malevolent and exponential.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarittu manages to get the best out of the talent he works with, not only that he manages to make them go beyond, which makes him go beyond his vision and consciousness, his auteur style can be identified from a large distance, his portfolio of films tell us this, his poetry within them, their raw emotions, their harsh truths and distressing depictions the directors stories he has chosen to showcase on screen, an absolutely meticulous artist that still has saved his greatest work for last I am sure, a shining example to aspiring directors who wish to apply poetry to moving art in motion.

“When we are looking for validation that will never satisfy us, when we are looking for affection, for love, a little bit of that will be enough to be complete..”


– Alejandro Gonzalez Inarittu




The Raid: The Defining Action Trilogy of the Decade

Very few action films come along that seldom live in the memory of the cinema and film spectator, there are some that captivate us with extraordinary sequences, some that have great antagonistic face offs, and others that remain immortal, The Raid may just tick all those boxes.

the-raid-posterBack in 2011 Welsh director Gareth Huw Evans released an action film with a similar structure to that of Die Hard, we do not think of it at all as plagiarism but rather taking that inspiration and amplifying it to the superlative maximum. Perfect choreographed fight scenes kept us glued to the screen while at the same time driving a plot in a frenetic and organized direction, the actors themselves were tremendously dedicated to their craft, which very rarely Hollywood actors do in terms of action sequences, the Indonesian production of The Raid allowed Evans to have total control which he executed brilliantly.

Films like Die Hard, Face/Off & Hard Boiled all shared one thing in common in terms of how genres of action should be made, it’s that their chosen plot was very well balanced with action sequences and character development; this is what Evans has shown superbly and in even more greater detail in The Raid 2.

the-raid-2-posterWith almost an hour longer than its predecessor, the sequel takes place moments after the events of the first, with a much wider expansive world, plenty more characters that can fight, shed blood, cause destruction which produces sequences that make almost any modern action film seem like child’s play.

Gareth Evans took what he learned from his first masterpiece and cranked the volume to a level that will make heads implode, and that’s what you get when you witness an action film of such sheer magnitude.

The-Raid-2-3-Connections-StoryThe plot flows even more smoother and with even more detailed action than ever before, you just wonder what he has in store for the 3rd and perhaps final part of this blockbuster trilogy, with Tony Jaa rumoured to be included, filming and development will not begin till 2018 or 2019 according to Gareth Evans.

the-raid-2-gareth-evansWhat these two films did so vividly is attention to exponential detail in terms of action and characters, Gareth Evans trusted his cast so much that they definitely showed their loyalty, the result is on the screen, both films already looking to become instant classics, but with the third looming over the horizon and waiting to be released you just wonder if The Raid trilogy will be a significant benchmark in the rebirth genre of action filmmaking.

10 Spoof Comedies That Redefined the Comic Genre

A spoof comedy by definition is a film that parodies other films or genres, they are works that are created by imitation of the style of many different films reassembled together.

Below are some of the most memorable and brilliant ones that also gave comedy a visual and hilarious style.

1. Airplane! (1980)

airplane-1980-cockpitHailed as one of the greatest comedies ever made, this entertaining filled movie features an outrageous plot and memorable catchphrases, it is certainly one of the more smarter and outlandish films, full of laughs & great comic performances, in my opinion the benchmark standard for comedy spoofs.

2. The Naked Gun (1988)

Naked-GunThis was originally a TV series that later became a feature film trilogy , Leslie Nielsen gives a landmark performance as Lieutenant Frank Drebin, One of the first comedies I watched growing up and I laughed as hard back then as I do today, a classic.

3. The Naked Gun II (1991)

Naked Gun 2___The Smell of FearFrank Drebin does it again with the help of the iconic spoof team of David Zucker & Jim Abrahams, a worthy sequel that features great laughs yet again, sadly the third did not make it, but still a worthy mention.

4. Top Secret! (1984)

movie titleOne of Val Kilmer’s first films, he plays an American rock and roll singer who becomes involved in a Resistance plot to rescue a scientist imprisoned in East Germany, the same team consisting of Zucker and Abrahams provide us a with a parody of WWII movies with memorable scenes and laugh out loud scenarios, highly recommended if you haven’t seen it, comic brilliance.

5. Blazing Saddles (1977)

bzAn outstanding Western parody,  Blazing Saddles is a film that takes us back to a more innocent era, An era where PC was just a couple of letters stuck together. The film provides an endless stream of laughter, and if you watched you would understand the hilarity and parody of it, and you could forget about a remake, not in this day and age.


6. Spaceballs (1987)

spaceballs_blu-ray_hdrAfter the first Star Wars Trilogy Episode IV-VI,  and before the Family guy remakes, Spaceballs was the first film of its kind to rip into Star Wars, featuring a great cast of John Candy, Rick Moranis, Mel Brooks and others, it manages to be quite an entertaining parody of the sci-fi films. As with Mel Brooks the jokes come quick and in the case of all spoof films always keep an eye on the background, highly recommended if you fancy a sci-fi parody.

7. Scary Movie (2000)

1The modern slasher horror movies were coming thick and fast, imitation after imitation some audiences still kept going, that was until in 2000 when The Wayans family stepped up and released an outrageous and brilliant parody of horror films and similar blockbusters around that time, a brilliant satire that spawned a mixed spoof horror series, with number six over the horizon, what was once a fun satire comic series has become an abysmal array of pointless gags and failed jokes.

An honourable mention to Scary Movie 3, what I believe to be the best in the series, but the first one really paved the way of this horror spoof franchise.


8. Hot Shots (1991)


Jim Abrahams was on hand once again to bring a Top Gun filled spoof, Charlie Sheen does very well as the “serious” actor in this hilarity filled film, as with any spoof film, the jokes are smart and hysterical, the sequel itself doesn’t come close to the first but a great effort, for those who haven’t seen Hot Shots, I recommend watching Top Gun first with Hot Shots straight after, Overall comically decent.

9. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

shaun-of-the-deadAt the time of Scary Movie, and zombie flicks came an absolute brilliant parody of the horror genre, it really feels like a romantic comedy set amongst the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse, brilliant chemistry from the cast makes this an entertaining film with great comedy and drama aswell, the balance of those too is shown greatly. Edgar Wright’s best film, one of the best horror zombie spoofs made.

10. Young Frankenstein (1974)

yfBefore the time of Abrahams and Zucker, there was Mel Brooks who I believe started the modern movement of the Spoof comedy, his tribute of the Frankenstein films of the 40’s is done with such detail and comic accuracy this has become one of the first spoof classics and back then had audiences in pieces, a highly recommended comedy, the first comedy spoof of its kind, outstanding.

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5 Underrated Films You Must Watch

Below is a list of films you may or may not have watched that some people including myself have deemed them to be underrated but are equally watchable and brilliant.

1. Interstate 60 (2002)

600A majestic film that has to do with existence and our purpose in the world, you may recognize certain stars in this film including Gary Oldman playing the “genie” guidance role, A fascinating and thought provoking film that is recommended for repeat viewing, the music throughout accompanies the movie perfectly and the flow is also brilliant as well as inspiring, highly recommended.

2. The Party (1968)

the20partyOne of the funniest films ever made, hilarity ensues when Peter Sellers playing a famous Indian actor gets invited by accident to a lavish Hollywood party, the pace of the film is terrific and you cannot help but laugh at the limited but outstanding scenarios in one space, make the comedies of nowadays seem small in comparison to this film, and if there was a remake it wouldn’t come close, an extraordinarily funny feature.

3. Equilibrium (2002)

equilibrium-2Christian Bale stars in what is perhaps one of the most action filled and carefully planned films of all time. Kurt Wimmer’s film set in the distant future where all forms of feeling are illegal, Christian Bale who is a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system in absolutely spectacular fashion. The gunfight scenes are some of the greatest since “The Matrix”, one to see purely for the combat and “1984” style plot.

4. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Basic CMYKAn ultra-cool mystery crime caper starring Val Kilmer & Robert Downey Jr in what I believe is the movie that helped relaunch his career, fantastically written by Shane Black who also directed and wrote the new Iron Man film, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a modern noir which brings mutually together a private eye, a struggling actress, and a thief imitating an actor. Smart as well as funny, it is an entertaining film purely to watch for the chemistry of Kilmer and Downey Jr as well as for the performances, slick, clever & well-acted.

5. What Dreams May Come (1998)

what-dreams-may-comeA deeply engrossing and vision of a film it tells the story of Robin Williams who dies in a car accident (shown in trailer) link here:

Not aware that he is dead his vision of the afterlife is that of his wife paintings, the film shows the undying bond between a man and his wife and how an individual envisions the afterlife. Extremely visionary to say the least, Robin Williams gives a great performance and the scenery depicted in the film is certainly not too bad either, a must watch.

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10 Foreign Films that Hollywood should stay clear of and not remake

Below are a list of films that thrived in their chosen country of release, Hollywood recently has ran out of ideas for original films and instead they have either expanded the superhero genre or recycled the same Disney analogy over and over.

The following films should remain untouched by Hollywood or if they are to be remade should be remade correctly and stay true to the craft of the original film, Notable mentions that were made well include “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”  “The Departed” (Infernal Affairs), “Insomnia”, “Vanilla Sky”..

Here are the great ten that should not be remade:

1.    “Hodejegerne” Headhunters (2011)  Country of origin: Norway

headhhdAn intense action thriller featuring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister from Game of Thrones), it follows a skilled head-hunter who also acts as a thief stealing valuable pieces of art, but when one heist goes wrong he is hunted by a former mercenary in what becomes a thrilling cat & mouse game. If there is an American adaption it shouldn’t steer away from the original storyline but stay true to the action brilliance of this film.

2. “Cidade de Deus” City of God (2002) Country of origin: Brazil


This masterpiece from Brazil follows the lives of teenagers who grow up in a violent neighbourhood of Rio De Janeiro, what ensues in their coming years is some of the most intense scenarios ever, beautifully shot, this film should remain timeless as it is, I know most of you agree but there is a little curiosity if there is to be a remake, there certainly has been similar films like this but a direct remake should remain off the cards,A masterpiece of modern filmmaking.

3. “Kung-Fu Hustle” (2004) Country of origin: China & Hong Kong

kung-fu-sokagi-izleFeaturing some of the most outlandish and exciting fight sequences, this outrageously entertaining film from Stephen Chow showcases gangsters at wars with residents of small housing complex, highly fantastic, this is one that should remain untouched and if you haven’t seen it already I highly recommend.

4.Amelie” (2001) Country of origin: France

le-fabuleux-destin-d-amelie-poulain-originalIf you have seen Amelie you can argue that this film cannot be remade into any other language, and a Hollywood version should no way be in contention, this brilliant film should remain untouched, it is unique in its own form and an American version should no way be even considered.

5.“Shichinin no samurai” “Seven Samurai” (1954) Country of origin: Japan

Film_2w_SevenSamuraiAlthough a remake has been green lit for next year, it is a very bad move on Hollywood’s part, a sort of remake was made as a western “The Magnificent Seven” but a direct remake should not even be contemplated, considered to be director Akira Kurosawa’s greatest work, if a remake should be made, it should be a tribute and instead of adapting to Hollywood, notable Japanese directors should take the helm if they wish to touch a significant film such as this one.

6.La Haine” (1995) Country of origin: France

la_haine_3Quite possibly one of the most intense French films ever made, it stars a young Vincent Cassel as a youth along with two others that explore Paris in 24 hours, it takes place in riots between citizens and the police. With more recent events taking place around the world, it is easy to see why Hollywood would want to remake this, jumping at the opportunity to adapt it in the modern times during the escalating protests taking place around the world; the whole film takes place in black & white but set during the present time, this does not take away the pure intensity, a classic that has to be seen and felt.

7.“El secreto de sus ojos” “The Secrets in their Eyes” (2009) Country of origin: Argentina

The-Secret-in-Their-Eyes--006A mystery thriller which takes over a number of years in which a detective goes back to solve an unresolved case which brings to light more than he could have anticipated, beautifully shot with an air of mystery & suspense, it would be easy to see why Hollywood would want to tackle a challenge like this one, if done right this could be a great crime remake, the main focus throughout the film are the eyes of each character along with the incredible detail of its brilliant plot.

8. “Ichi The Killer” (2001) Country of origin: Japan

ichi_killer_poster_05[1]Now here is a film that I know for a fact that Hollywood would not even touch due to its extreme graphic nature, Hollywood at best would cut most of the scenes in this brilliant film to even gain an R-Rating (18 UK).

For those who have seen it time and time again, you can argue that you don’t even wish for this film to be remade and also would argue how Hollywood would even tackle this project, Anything outside of United States does not even care if their films are not marketed extensively, some purely rely on word of mouth to reach its cult status, Ichi the Killer is such of a film that has no chance of an English remake.

9.Metropolis” (1927) Country of origin: Germany

metropolis1This sci-fi masterpiece was an absolute landmark when it was released even looking back at it now the pure futuristic setting is one to behold, a massive challenge that was undertaken by Fritz Lang, it would be ridiculous to consider a remake of it because one would take away its significance and would not look modern at all, a Japanese animation of Metropolis was released in 2001 but Hollywood should not go for a remake due to its original importance nearly 90 years ago, a ground-breaking achievement.

10. “Akira” (1988) Country of origin: Japan

Akira-Poster-akira-13827694-1013-1500One of the most important anime films of all time, a lot would argue that this film should not even come close to a Hollywood remake, its sheer complexity in animation should reinforce it as such, some of the scenes witnessed in this film is fantastic to the spectator, although studios have been trying hard to adapt into a live action film, time and time again it has been shut down, maybe even for the greater good, but it is not long before we do see a Hollywood remake whether we like to or not, I for one would not want to.

The enormous size of such of these films should be handled with care, and a remake must stay honest to its originality, in order to do so, studios must take on creative consultants of the original films and they must try their absolute best not to steer far away from their fundamental narrative only then a remake is worthy of the film’s tribute.

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Man of Steel A short review

Below is a spoiler free review of Man of Steel, feel free to read as no major details have been included, enjoy.

With almost a couple of years after it was announced, Zack Snyder along with a colossal trio of names being Christopher Nolan as producer, Hans Zimmer as composer and David S. Goyer as the writer, all these people cultivated to bring a marvellous reboot on the screen.

Christopher-Nolan-and-Zack-Snyder-on-the-set-of-Man-of-Steel-2013-Movie-ImageSafe to say that Superman is DC’s most valuable asset along with Batman in terms of fame, watching this spectacle was hypnotic at times, Zack Snyder was faced with nearly a challenging task since this franchise has not been made right since the first two Superman films back in the seventies and eighties featuring the late great Christopher Reeve.

There are shades of Nolan in the flashback sequences as Nolan had done previously to most of his films, this allows for a descriptive and thorough overall outlook on what has made Kal-El the person he is today and the individual he will become in the future.

man-steel-movieThe film is extremely visual in terms of its detailed action sequences, there are a few scenes when you are in awe of what is shown on screen, and the 3D certainly helps, the plot flows quite well too, although slow at times it makes up for it for its monstrous fight scenes, with at the same time being quite clever too with how the characters use the environment around them to wreck ultimate destruction.

The actors on the screen portrayed their roles quite well and good chemistry was formed between them, the presence of Nolan & Snyder may have helped this result, Michael Shannon actor of “Boardwalk Empire” played as General Zod, which for me was the scene stealer, he was both terrifying and commanding, striking fear to those who dared opposed him.

man_of_steel_14Clark Kent’s parents played quite well with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane, they showed his human side and helped Clark adapt to the planet around him, Russel Crowe as the biological father showed strength too when he sent his little boy to planet Earth and he well and truly knew that his little son would be Earth’s ultimate saviour one day. In a way both sets of parents gave Clark strength and belief to make him the man he would become.

Zack Snyder did a fine job with all the pressure he had to work with in making a fine 21st century reboot of Superman, with Nolan by his side, they have created a fantastic appetizer of what is yet to come by DC’s greatest ever superhero, we cannot wait for what’s in store and what the franchise will bring, if it is anything like its predecessor then we are in for a phenomenal exuberant feature,a superb action packed filled visual feast.

mos_glyph_hiresA full more detailed review of the film coming soon..

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David Fincher The Complex Charismatic Hypnotic

In today’s modern films there are a few directors that excel in their craft and how they approach several style of films while leaving their mark upon them, continuing the directors showcase we take a look at our third director, an individual who stylizes his films ever so delicately along with his smooth camera work, taking a look at David Fincher and how he can make the complex flow so well and entertain at the same time.

Taking a look at his feature films and also some music videos and commercials where he first started applying his dexterity, a delicate and balanced director, his sharp camera skills along with their desired shots perfectly emphasize the meaning and plot of his chosen project in which he has undertaken.

Having worked alongside musical artists such as Madonna for her “Vogue” video, Michael Jackson’s “Who Is It” amongst several others, this is where David Fincher first started in music videos, his approach was unique to tell the least, telling a story in each of his videos as well as the chosen songs adapting very well to the videos, he would soon move on and tackle his first project a third part in a sci-fi franchise- Alien 3.

The film was not very well received with critics and was not the strongest film of the sci-fi film series, Fincher simply said he hated working on it, a quote from The Guardian newspaper read, “”No one hated it more than me; to this day, no one hates it more than me.”  The film Alien 3 would not be a memorable one for the chronology but his presence would truly be felt with his next project, an intense crime & psychological thriller- “Se7en”.

David Fincher would take us on a dark journey about a serial killer who is motivated to kill from the seven sins, with all his crimes and activities acting as his mode of operations, the detectives played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman form a great partnership on screen and truly apply their detective skills to the test hunting down the menacing  killer in a dark and rainy environment, Se7en a sinister and extremely dark thriller,  we would begin to slowly see the emergence of the “Fincher Thriller”  beginning to make its entrance, the film was successful in the box office both domestic and international.

The film would feature a climactic finale scene with the infamous question that Brad Pitt asks of “What’s in the box?” , the studio did not originally want to put this scene in but Brad Pitt  stated that he would leave if they did not feature this scene, the scene would amalgamate and bring to a close a tense and brilliant thriller which truly paved the way for David Fincher.

Up next the psychological thriller “The Game” which featured Michael Douglas as someone who receives a mystery gift from his brother Sean Penn a live action game which consumes his life and makes him question his reality of what is real and what is featured within the game itself.

We are also taken along for the ride but we wish that it was not us who received the gift as we slowly see his character slowly begin to deteriorate mentally as well as physically. There is of course the dark Fincher tone with many of his overall films as well as great twist in the end, but you cannot help but feel sorry for the protagonist and the environment in which he has been forced in to participate in a sinister and unbearable game.

Two years later Fincher would tackle one of his most ambitious projects yet, where he would adapt Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club” on the big screen. The film would be famous for not doing well at the box office but after being alienated by the audiences it would become an instant cult classic when it was released on DVD.

This could have been major factors influencing it when it first was released, mainly because it was quite progressive when it came out and other films at the time performed much better at the box office, but it cannot be helped that once it came out on DVD it had become a monster of a film hit.

The directorial astonishment of Fincher was truly felt, featuring amazing camera shots and shocking scenes along the way, it had created a massive following, from start to finish this feature was hugely entertaining and it drew us into the world of mysterious characters of Tyler Durden & The Narrator both extremely opposite in their own way but with a mutual goal of starting a revolution through a fight club they both help create in some form. With its humorous and dark tones this would certainly be one of Fincher’s strongest results in creating a great adaption to an already brilliant novel but also an extremely notable unique film that was undertaken valiantly by David Fincher.

Dealing with the aftermath of a massive success of “Fight Club”  three years later in 2002 Fincher would make the claustrophobic and tense thriller (a theme being created already) “Panic Room”.

This would become a mainstream thriller as Fincher would describe it, and one for the wide audience to watch, a suspenseful film to say the least starring Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart as the mother and daughter trapped in the panic room of their house while three criminals were looking for a fortune. The action is brilliant and Fincher did so well to contain it in a limited space.


This film would deal for the first time in Finchers films as having a female lead as its central character, nothing that his previous film had done. After being three years since he released a feature film this would be a good effort as Fight Clubs success was still echoing and would still yet to echo for years to come. “Panic Room”  was great in the sense of a limited thriller with the whole duration of the film set in one specific environment and a good job at that.

His next film feature which was also an adaption of Robert Graysmith’s book, would come five years later in 2007 with “Zodiac” a film based on the book and the infamous Zodiac killer who’s case became famous in the 1970’s. The film deals with three detectives as they become attached and obsessed with the case.

This would become Fincher’s longest film by far in terms of duration, a brilliantly detailed film which also acts as a long case in the years that pass within the film. Having been well received by critics it did not do well in the box office domestically but well internationally. This was a large scale film having been shot digitally and featuring a well-known cast in Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey, Jr and Brian Cox.

The actors played their part well and throughout the film David Fincher captures brilliantly how this killer has affected them mentally and physically as well having exhausted them to find him. The film flows well and has always the dark tone of Fincher and makes the spectator want to find out how well this case was projected on the screen and if you don’t know anything about the case of the Zodiac killer, you will be given an excellent story that will make you want to learn more about it.

The next film would see David Fincher receive a staggering 13 Academy Award ®

nominations in his 2008 film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” an adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story which would see the film stretch in just under three hours.

The epic scale of it would see the remarkable story of the protagonist played by Brad Pitt age backwards while being involved in some extraordinary situations and global travels. There is an air of mythical and haunting themes as Fincher tackles the world of fantasy and history, the film’s huge budget of $150million was mainly used for the CGI and also for the aging process of the protagonist.

All in all there is something beautiful and rich in this film that is much lighter to all of Fincher’s previous films, he truly takes us on a journey and helps us discover who truly is Benjamin Button and his bizarre gift not so much a disease, for a short story David Fincher made the most of its vast and picturesque richness.

Next would come one of Fincher’s most award winning of films in the 2010 release of “The Social Network”  about the beginning and creation of Facebook as well as the legal battles that ensued from it.

David Fincher had a great collaborator to work with on this film the brilliant writer Aaron Sorkin, the flow of his script as well as the brilliant direction of Fincher made this film emanate very delicately, it was the first time that David Fincher felt he could truly trust in Aaron Sorkin as this duo was projected on the screen helping the film win 3 Bafta Awards, 4 Golden Globes and 3 Oscars.

The result was apparent in the brilliant writing of Sorkin and how the director had chosen to take on this truly ambitious and controversial project, Jessie Eisenberg doing a fine job as Facebook’s creator Mark Zuckerberg, the cast looked very comfortable in their roles knowing there was a great leader guiding them behind the camera.

Up until then Fincher would take on an equally grand project as he would undergo adapting the very successful “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and for me there was only one director that could tackle this suspenseful and mysterious thriller.

With the brilliant music composition of Trent Reznor accompanying this great adaption I had seen the original Swedish version previously and Fincher does not miss a beat, it felt as though the film was not even for Hollywood as it felt intense, even for an R Rating (18 in UK), It is a harsh, gritty, and rough cinema viewing.

Girl_With_The_Dragon_Tattoo_2This was Fincher’s playground, and I believed he faced no challenges in adapting this, he made this film his own and the actress portraying the protagonist female of Lisbeth Salander played by Rooney Mara approached the role very well with the guidance of Fincher. I would be surprised if Fincher is not chosen to direct the next two that fulfil this films trilogy and I will have no doubt in my mind, as a director David Fincher can deliver on intense and nail-biting thrillers.

David Fincher would then go on to become an executive producer for the political thriller series starring Kevin Spacey “House of Cards”. Although he would only direct the first two episodes, his effect was felt in the oncoming episodes of the series, we can only hope season 2 was as gripping and brilliant as the first.



He is a director that can make the seemingly complex seem feasible, through the environments in which he adapts in his films he can create a dark and imaginative world where you can exist and be afraid & entertained at the same time for this is truly one of his directorial aspects, to make film audiences seem uneasy while slowly drawing them in his world.

tumblr_mcx8l9tSR81rhmne4o1_1280For he has a charismatic gift of making audiences have a real experience when watching his films through his great selection of camera shots and his approach to characters that exist within his chosen setting along with his established atmosphere he wishes and does achieve.

“A movie is made for an audience and a film is made for both the audience and the film-makers.”

– David Fincher

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